My Story

My name is Audree Lee. I am certified Holistic health counselor with a passion for life, people and optimal health. I’m happy to share my story in hopes that it will help you on your health journey. Let me start by saying my ‘choice’ to live a healthy lifestyle wasn’t necessarily a welcomed change. In facing a life altering disease, I had to decide between life and death. But I believe that whether change comes by force, circumstances or willingly, the important thing is that we learn and step into our new situation with faith and give our new environment the chance to succeed. We do this with dedication, commitment, prayer, and will power.

My journey was quite the roller coaster as many of us can attest to. I lost both my parents to cancer. My mother had lung cancer and my dad who lost hist battle to adrenal cancer; both before the age of 50! To lose loved ones so early in their life, you can’t help but ask why or what could they have done differently that would have resulted in them still being here today. I know now that my parents didn’t live what many would define a healthy lifestyle.

Through research, I began to dive into the links between food, lifestyle-choices and cancer. In 1989, I was faced with my own battle with cancer, breast cancer to be specific, but I decided to leverage some of the education and teachings I’d consumed and apply them to see if this holistic route could actually work for me instead of the standard medical treatment plans that were prescribed.

Was I nervous? Yes! Did I need support? Yes! It was during this time, more than ever that I needed to focus on me and really commit to the challenge ahead of me. I devoted myself to nutritional education and training...lots of training and naturally lots of trial and error. I learned that by changing my eating, along with getting in tune with my body’s energy fields, I began to fuel my body from the inside out. As my tumor began to shrink, my medical team was amazed and advised me to keep doing whatever it was I was doing. 30 years later, I am proud to say that I not only took on the challenge, but I won the battle against cancer and I’m a survivor.

Today as I look back on those difficult days, I like to say, I reinvented myself! But it was in that chapter of my life that I realized, this was my calling. My passion for health and wellness grew along with my education and expertise in the field. I became a certified Holistic Health counselor, started teaching classes, speaking at seminars, consulting companies and organizations with the goal to encourage and empower people with tools to proactively move towards optimal, disease-fighting health. The 90 Days of Purpose Lifestyle Plan ™ does just that. It’s a program that not only educates, but truly transforms people from the inside out.

Marathons are difficult, but it all begins with a single step. Your health journey is no different. Contact me today and let’s take that first step, together.


I took Audree Lee's 90 Days of Purpose class and began to change my lifestyle based on her teachings. I saw a huge change in me and my husband's life and was able to remove several medications from my daily routine as a result of just simply changing the way I ate and renewing my mind that leading a healthy lifestyle was possible. I am so grateful for the support and mentorship Audree provided throughout the class and even still to this day. 

Beverly Mitchell, Oak Park IL

I saw Audree Lee speak at a conference in Chicago and I was blown away by her passion, her knowledge and her ability to break things down to really believe you can succeed in changing the way you eat. I have started to incorporate many of her concepts and while weight loss wasn't the goal for me, I was able to lose over 20lbs and I just feel better on a daily basis. Thank you Audree.

Christian Sommers, Lombard IL

I was so skeptical of taking yet another weight loss, get skinny quick class, but my sister talked me into trying it out. I am so glad I did. Not only did I enjoy Audree Lee's teaching style and the content, I met so many people going through a lot of the same challenges with weight as me which helped me along the way. Throughout the class, I lost a total of 53lbs!! All by changing the way I thought about food and learning the reason why we should eat the way we were taught. I actually feel like I will keep it up for once.

Sharon Hall, Naperville, IL

Audree Lee is dynamite! She has a way of breaking things down so you understand and really takes the time to get to know you and the challenges you are experiencing. 

Rob McCabe, Chicago, IL