Getting Your Kids Familiar with Essential Oils

Getting Your Kids Familiar with Essential Oils

Essential oils have so many benefits that can help us live healthier, less stressed out lives. But, did you know that essential oils can also be beneficial to your kids? Essential oils can help kids sleep better, feel calmer, improve mood and improve the overall health of our children. So, how can we introduce essential oils to our kids?

doTERRA Science for Kids Workbook

Curiosity is a natural part of life for children. The doTERRA Science for Kids program seeks to encourage this fundamental love of exploration. Our resources can be used at home and in the community to learn more about the world through scientific discovery. By partnering this workbook with doTERRA Science for Kids online content, you will find the tools to help your little scientists foster a love of science and build knowledge in basic chemistry, essential oils, and health.

Have kids help make oil blends

Kids love concocting potions. How many times have you caught your kids pouring things from the fridge and pantry into a big bottle saying they’re making a “potion?” Take that curiosity and creativity and teach your kids how to make essential oil blends. Just remember that kids only need a tiny dose of essential oils in order for them to be effective and safe. For instance, for kids 2-5, two drops of an essential oil mixed with 2 teaspoons of career oil or water is a great starting point. A good rule of thumb is about one drop per child’s age in a 10 ml roller bottle. Kids 12+ can have up to 10 drops. They can make oil blends for all kinds of day-to-day activities like freshening laundry, deodorizing rooms, to clean toys and sports equipment, to soothe sunburned skin and for restful sleep.

Make essential oils part of your at-home learning this year

One advantage to remote learning this year due to COVID-19 is that parents have a little more flexibility with what their kids are learning. This is the perfect time to introduce your kids to the benefits and uses of essential oils. Talk to them about the common names of the plants and the latin names of the plants where the oils come from, what part of the plant is used to make the oil, the country of origin and how the oil was extracted in addition to talking about the benefits and uses for each oil.

Best essential oils for kids

  • Lavender: Lavender is an awesome oil to start the kids on. It smells lovely and is extremely gentle. It helps with relaxation, balance and sleep.
  • Frankincense: Frankincense is great for kids because it has a gentle and mild aroma. Frankincense pairs well with lavender for a nice calming aroma, perhaps for nap time or to wind down at night.
  • Peppermint: Peppermint is great for digestive support, it also has a pleasant taste and smell that the kids will love.

Getting your kids introduced and familiar with essential oils is a great way to have them be more aware about their mental health and physical health. Plus, your whole household will reap the benefits of the amazing aromas and relaxation!

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